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Silence of the Lambs

Hello sweeties, Yet another full day and here I am, home at last. I was super happy to attend the Havaianas event in Antwerp, which was very cool. But all of that in a future post scheduled for this weekend, so stay tuned! ^^ For this event I played the "serious/cool" card. A chic look with this cool blazer I had from PersunMall for quite awhile now, my new crochet top from TOMTOP and  Bershka cutted jeans. For the accessory part, I kept it golden! So, gold sandals, gold handbag, and gold name necklace from Innecklace. Here's what came out

What I wore: - PersunMall blazer - Bershka jeans - TOMTOP crochet top ( find it here) - Zara heels - Romwe purse - InNecklace name necklace ( get your own here)

So, what do you think about this awesome look? It's very casual, yet chic and's even hot for a date if you ask me. ^^ I must apologise for my none existing pedicure, but I wanted to let my feet breathe, nails and all. :) Thank you very much for visiting…

Take shelter

Hi guys,  I had a big day today, as I was invited to Press Days Antwerp by Feinest Labels . I discovered a few lovely Belgian brands, but more of that on a future article ( stay tuned tomorrow morning ! <3 ) Although Antwerp and Antwerp people are always dressed elegant and formal and everything, I wanted to "break the ice" and bring something new to the stage. The result, a bohemian/romantic look created with my beautiful dress from VerySimple,Sweet Lemon bootsand a braided up-do. As for the accessories, well, I had my lovely bag, also from VerySimple, and a delicate name necklace from InNecklace. All in all, a fine look might I say for those of you who love to expose your feminine/romantic side. And of course, here's a song for you today. Why break the tradition, right? :)

What I wore: - VerySimple dress ( their site here) - VerySimple handbag - Sweet Lemon boots (find them here) - InNecklace name necklace ( get yours here)
Really hope you like the look and I must t…

Lean On

Hi guys, Yes, you won't escape me today either. But, trust me, it's worth it. This outfit is so non-conformist and daring and simply amazing. It couldn't be anything else with this amazing mix ofhigh denim cutoffs with leather garter from StyleMoi and to be more "decent" in the top part, I matched this Mr.GUGU & Miss GO indian bell print sweater.  Oh, you just can't imagine the result !  I'll leave you to check it out along with this awesome song :

What I wore: - Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweater ( find it here) - StyleMoi high denim shorts with hems ( find them here) - Bershka boots - New Look backpack

How do you feel about this look? I'm certainly that most of you are sceptical, but only the daring ones can wear this outfit. Attitude included. ^^ Come back tomorrow for another great look ! Kisses, R.

You look like my next mistake

Hi lovies, I'm so happy that I can find a moment to update my blog, wether is in the morning, in the afternoon or late in the evening. Today I have a really interesting outfit to share with you. Maybe it's not for everyone, but this stylish dress from Hybrid is really something... I see it more the style of a business woman, someone independent with killer tastes in fashion. Add some stilettos, a cool envelope bag and you will definitely rock it ! Me, I went a little softer and since I had these heels from Zara for quite some time now, I matched them in a color block outfit. :) I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift, well, actually her personality, but I do love some songs from here. I'd like to share a fave one with you today:

What I wore: - Hybrid dress ( find it here) - Zara shoes and clutch

So, that's it. A simple chic outfit !  Thank you for visiting my blog and I you'll come again :) Kisses, R.

Blogger on a Mission

Hi guys, Looks like the weather had a 180 degree change of heart. I so hate rainy days... If it were up to me, I'd stay in a sunny place 24/7 ! Nevertheless, I had a little break without any rain and managed to shoot today's look. I absolutely love this clothing mix, sporty, yet chic. Theskirt from VerySimpleis gorgeous and works perfectly with my new t-shirt from Snapmade, a great online boutique specialised in  custom t shirts and Personalized Gifts ! So, yes, I designed the t-shirt myself, you have a really great program where you can do everything on their site. I love printed tees, so I'm super happy to have found them. :)

What I wore: - Snapmade t-shirt ( find their site here and make your own) - VerySimpleskirt  - Bershka sneakers - Mango bag
So, hope you like my fun chic look!  Thank you for visiting and hope to "see" you again soon :)  Kisses, R.