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Hi guys, As I have a little free time before I go to bed, I thought I should bring you another cute look. Very sporty, but at the same time casual and cute. I'm wearing this comfy two piece from CNDirectthat consists in a hoodie and the afferent pants. For the price I think it's a knockout ! Just be sure to take a size up because they tend to run small. :) Well, here it is: 

What I wore: - CNDirect two piece sport set (find it here) - Bershka boots - Forever21 bag - W.E. leather jacket 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I do hope you'll come by tomorrow for a brand new look! Kisses, R.

The red rose

Hello sweeties, Back here with a new fabulous look, super stylish and cool! I've matched my Romwe lace-up knit sweater with Dresslink skirt, a cozy jacket so I won't get cold, my Versace heels and of course, my favorite silver envelope bag from Poppy Lovers ! This is what came out: 

What I wore: - Romwe lace-up sweater (find it here) - Dresslink skirt ( find it here) - Versace shoes - Poppy Lovers envelope bag ( find it here) - Guess by Marciano coat

So, how do you find this lovely outfit? I'm so happy that this blog is my quick escape from the bad reality we live in...people are so hateful and bad. Kisses, R.

Normal people scare me

Hi guys, As I promised, I'm back with yet another cool look. I won't exactly say that normal people scare me, more than stupid people scare me. I still remember my grandfather saying " You should never go into contradiction with a crazy person or a stupid one. They will always win, they have the experience". Unfortunately, life isn't fair and people like that will always try to poison your day. I always try to stay zen and don't mind them. My advice is to ignore them completely ! :) Meanwhile, I'd like to give a big thank you to Lovelywholesale for creating this awesome sweatshirt that works so well with this cute skirt I have for while now and the CNDirect loafers

What I wore: - Lovelywholesale sweatshirt ( find it here) - Urban Outfitters skirt  - CNDirect loafers ( find them here) - Zara bag
Thank you so much for visiting my blog ! Hope you will come by soon :) Kisses, R.

The dark side

Hello sweeties, I'm starting very early today so I can bring you not one but two amazing outfits for today. The first one and might I say, my favorite one is more of a little concept look I've been imagining. The thing is that I like so much concept looks even though they're more particular and not that every-day kinda outfit you put on for work or normal occasions. This brings me to think about haute couture, about expressing yourself into outfits. For this I've styled up my Choies suedette dress with this feather capelet from Metamorph Quirky Couture. Metamorph Quirky Couture brand and all its particular items comes from Denmark, from the basement of a very creative couple, Thea and Erik who are designing handmade pieces that take fashion and your outfit to a whole new level. I, for one, absolutely adore their items and today I'm featuring their brown feather capelet with high collar, an original piece that does wonders to your look! 

What I wore: - Choies dress …

The change is in within you

Hello sweeties, I'm back a little late today.I had some things I needed to take care of with the holidays comin' our way. I know it's not even December, but I really like to have everything sorted out to welcome the holidays as it should. For today I would like to bring an awesome look, inspired by the 70s featuring this beautiful skirt from Puppa Fashion, an original brand based in Slovenia, who brings a new flare to the fashion world. The best thing about them is that their clothes are handmade and the production is based on up-cycling, which means that they use existing materials and increase their value in the process. They do this in a unique way and with the use of specific techniques of sewing. You know how I love brands that are environmental friendly ! Each piece is created especially for the person who ordered it. Clothes will be delivered with a personalised label which includes the full name of the person and date of creation. To the look I've added a pair o…

Be Irresistible

Hello sweeties, As you all have seen, awhile ago I've received this amazing 8 in 1 curler set from Irresistible Me. I'm not the professional type of beauty guru on youtube or whatever, but I must say I totally love this set because it's super simple to use. You don't need to be a pro hair stylist to use it. I wanted to do a video, a basic one to see how easy and nice it is to make beautiful curls. I had one from Baby Bliss, but I wasn't very happy with it, my curls being gone before I went out. With the Saphire 8 in 1 curler setplease believe me that I have super cool curls even the next day!  In this tutorial, you'll se how I do them. Again, I'm not the pro type and not that fabulous girl with long thick hair that you see in your average tutorials, but that is what I want to point out - that this set is for everyone and no matter your hair type, everyone can use it. You have these two buttons to fix the temperature you need and also, you can have it in F …

How deep is your love

Hi guys, So, looks like things have calmed over here. I've managed to go out a little although it's super cold, but luckily I had my cozy poncho from SheIn that I've matched with my Asos ripped jeans, Dresslink snow boots ( really similar to Uggs and quite comfortable). As for the accessories, I went simple; a pair of sunnies and my leather bracelets from CNDirect. For the price, I thought choosing to wear more it would make a cool effect ! 

What I wore: - SheIn poncho ( find it here) - Asos jeans - CNDirect leather bracelet ( find it here) - Dresslink snow boots ( find them here) - New Look backpack
Thank you for visiting my blog :) Don't forget to come by maybe tonight for a new outfit ! ^^ Kisses, R.