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Hi guys,
Looks like Monday's back to poke us in the ..s - well, you know where :). New day, new week, new outfit! Weather was superbe here in Brussels today...with a high of 14 degrees, I must say that I had a blast going outside this afternoon. I had a normal chic look, but totally comfy. I like wearing skirts from time to time, especially when the weather improves. Today made me so nostalgic of Spring days...when you feel like the energy running through your veins! But winter isn't gone yet..( hence the beanie I'm wearing - it's from Twinkle Deals, btw.) I also had a pair of gloves prepared, but forgot them home ^^

What I wore:
- Zara denim shirt
- Pimkie fake-fur vest
- Urban Outfitters skirt
- Zara boots
- Very Simple bag ( their website here
- Twinkle Deals beanie ( find it here)

Thank you so much for visiting the blog, guys! 
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  1. nice look!

  2. Cute look.

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