Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cold shoulder

Hello sweeties,
I had a really long day with my mom doing the shops...she was searching for some tank tops that she wears underneath and we went to all the shops to finish with. I bought so many shoes during the sale that I'm ashamed with myself lol ! Anyway, while I like so much walking miles to find my sale deals, I think that a pair of comfy shoes is very important. That being said, my outfit for today is a "walkable" one! I'm wearing my awesome green Romwe sweater that features (what they call) a "cold shoulder". It's pretty amazing actually and it works so nice with my body constitution. To keep warm though, I've worn my grey hooded sweater-coat from SheIn. A fashionable touch as I have a status to sustain :). And now for my walking shoes - these cool wedged sneakers from YOYOMELODY are all I need to "seal" the look :D.
This is the result:

What I wore:
- Romwe sweater ( find it here)
- SheIn coat ( find it here)
- Zara jeans
- YOYOMELODY sneakers ( find them here)

Thank you so much for visiting, guys! I appreciate your everlasting support :)
Hope you like the look and don't hesitate to leave a comment with you honest opinion!

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  1. That sweater is so so cute. I really love the cut outs on the arms! Such a lovely detail.

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