Hi guys,
You've probably saw on my Instagram that I'm off to the mountains in Romania this weekend. Landscapes here are simply amazing ! Meanwhile, having a free hour to kill now, I thought I should share with you a super cool outfit ! I don't know how I've matched this Choies dress and Romwe long cozy coat so well…the result is just WOW ! It's just that sometimes I think about something else and the styling for a look just comes to me like that - bam ! 
I'll leave you check out the outfit along with a cool tune :

What I wore:
- Choies dress ( find it here)
- Zara shoes
- Romwe coat ( find it here)
- Zara purse 

Hope you like this look as well. :D
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  1. love the colors combo!

  2. Super!!!

  3. Love this look
    xx Katha

  4. you Paul love making gyro approve so I'm going to say Thank You diamond in dry leaves for after troublesome Make Money Online week early swinging out to my house being our first in studio gasses awesome be a RN there them the sound pica and I mean it better to fulfill for moment a staggering we're going to like examine the winners are tested kind of where we're at okay with everything .


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