Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Hi guys,
I've arrived in Romania safe and sound! Now it's me visiting my bff hahaha :D - girls time is the best! But no worries, I didn't forget about you and I'm back with another ootd post as yesterday I've been swamped with so many things. So, the outfit that I'm wearing today is soooo fashionable and cool ! I'm matching this white fluffy sweater from Choies with an old pair of leather pants and this super cute hat from TwinkleDeals's selection of hats& caps. I think you will find this look as being quite amazing!

What I wore:
- Choies sweater ( find it here)
- Morgan de Toi pants ( find a wide selection here)
- Zara shoes
- River Island purse
- Twinkle Deals hat ( find it here)

Hope you like the look sweeties! 
I'll wait for you tomorrow to check another cool ootd :D


  1. That bag is amazing!! Love it! Enjoy your time in Romania! Xx Susanne -

  2. Gorgeous outfit dear.Those bag and shoes are so great.Love it.<3

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