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Hello sweeties,
I hope your weekend was as you've wished. I had a little time in the afternoon today to do a little workout and I've saw that I'm totally out of shape...the first push-ups were like someone was stabbing me lol! I have to get back on track and accomplish my NY resolution of an awesome body :) hahah.
Sometimes I like going out in the cold weather, for instance to shoot an outfit that I've put together at home. It's good for your health as well you know...but don't overdo it. 10 minutes is more than enough.
So, the outfit that I'm wearing is a day-time-Sex-and-the-City kinda look, matching this gorgeous royal blue dress from Hedonia which I find absolutely fantastic, with my Alexa Wagner sandals that I got from Shopbop. All in all, a perfect outfit for a date in my opinion :).
I'll let you enjoy it alongside a dear old song I like so much:

What I wore:
- Hedonia dress ( find it here)
- Alexa Wagner sandals ( find them here)
- Sfera clutch

So, how about it? Isn't this a magnificent look?


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