Working out - a New Year's resolution?

Hi guys,
I've noticed that fitness, working-up and a healthy lifestyle is becoming now a trend. You can see all over the internet (Instagram the most), beautiful gals with worked-out bodies, flat stomach and sexy behinds just avalanching the social platforms… See, me, I was always skinny. I don't eat very much because I get bored quickly with my food and I'm more of a gourmand rather than a confirmed eater. My abs were always flat. I do workouts now and then. I used to hit the gym on a regular basis in 2014, but 2015 was all about work. Mental work that is. I can honestly say I miss the work-out! It's not because I want to loose weight or that I don't want to gain any, it's simply a state of mind. Like the latin proverb says - Mens sana in corpore sano - everyone should make time for some gym ! 
So this is my NY's resolution. I totally want to hit the gym and in waiting of doing so, I'll start from home. 
This healthy lifestyle hasn't hit just the web in a food level, but also fashion. That's why all the brands and stores are competing to come up with great work-out gear to met the customer's pretensions. 
One of the brands that put a lot of effort into this trend is We Are Handsome .

Not only that they do activewear clothing, they also carry bikinis. Of course, a well worked out body is better seen in the sun, right? ;)

We Are Handsome is also available at Shopbop, so don't hesitate to stop by and see that they have left. I'm sure that such great prints mixed with such great designs sell immediately, being so appealing to the public!
Down below you have a super fun combo of activewear as well.

Hope you like my little post and I'll be back soon with a new #outfit post as you are used too ! :)


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