Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Sunday morning …

Hi guys,
I know it's not Sunday, but as you well know I went a few days in Romania and this last weekend was a beautiful one. I managed to visit the mountains and the biggest spa in Europe, in Bucharest. What can I say about Romania? It's a beautiful country with all forms of land - sea, hills, mountains and of course the Danube…
I spent my last Saturday visiting the Bucegi mountains, admiring amazing landscapes and in the morning I took some great photos, taking advantage of the great soft light…
If you're wondering about my bralettes, they come from Casa De Revelar which you can find on Instagram here. I totally love their intimate pieces…hope to try out more soon!

Love it? 
I know it's something different from what you're used to, but I like sharing new things with you and as my love for lingerie is so big, I thought well, why not?
Thank you for visiting the blog and I'll be back soon with a new outfit of the day post!


  1. goot pictures. :)


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Thank you for your lovely comments! And from now the word verification is up due to spamming ...
I hope you will visit again my blog :)


Hi sweeties, I just spent the most amazing day ! I went to Namur and shot the lovely Mercedes Benz A45 AMG which will be soon on the blog...