Friday, February 26, 2016

Up on yellow

Hi guys,
I had such a busy period lately that I don't manage to have more free time. I so want to do daily outfits and so, but I barely can have a few moments free. Yesterday I spent all day shooting some swimwear and today I had also a full day, but I told myself that I must upload something. If you think about it, I have about 5 years of fashion ideas and street style...that's a lot! 
Anyway, today's look is more brighter...let's say a try for a spring look :). I'm wearing my cozy Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweatshirt and a pair of Zara jeans that I have since forever, my super cute fringed booties from Sam Edelman (that can be found at Shopbop) and a fringed bag that works just perfect !

What I wore:
- Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweatshirt ( find it here)
- Zara pants
- Sam Edelman boots ( find them here)
- Men at Work fringed bag  

Hope you like the post and I'll be back tomorrow with more :)


  1. You are so stylish!

  2. That is definitely a lot of fashion ideas! Five years is a long time. LOVE this outfit. Those shoes are stunning.

  3. and i think i mean i did not get a chance electronics l agwould say that some pretty darn good men you know uh Derma Promedics calisthenics each and as you knowand i'm you know i've had so many door is weenclosed in my face that i keep saying you know there's one that's been helpingright around .


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Hi sweeties, I just spent the most amazing day ! I went to Namur and shot the lovely Mercedes Benz A45 AMG which will be soon on the blog...