Spring ready

Hello sweeties,
I want to dedicate more than one post per month talking about trends, new brands, new arrivals and ideas on how to make your wardrobe ready for the new season. Today I would totally love to share with you a perfect spring look. Shopbop has a lot of new arrivals on their site, so I thought I would choose from there.
Again, this is my personal selection, but I'll be sure to do one that it's very into the curent trends and everything. Being more of a "wild child" I like to choose more the things I like, rather than following trends. I do love some new trends like the intimates trend, but we'll speak more of that one in a future post.

In case you're looking for some awesome hats to match your spring/summer looks, I could totally recommend taking a look at Artesano 's collection. It will totally spice up any dull outfit.
Well, I do hope I was of help in finding some new cool stuff for the season. :)
Thank you for visiting the blog and I welcome you back next time!


  1. lovely (:


  2. Perfect pieces for spring! great!


  3. Nice post full of inspiration for Spring ! And thx for the hat tip... Went and had a look and they are all so pretty ! :) x

  4. nice set of spring:)


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