Dance with the Devil

Hi guys,
I'm back in Brussels and actually sitting in bed, thinking I shouldn't fall asleep before sharing this super cool look! It's super chic and sophisticated. Now the hairdo might not go that well with this look, but I was coming back from my friend's hair salon and she entered a competition for hairstyle of the week and decided to use me as her model :). It was really nice and she's super talented - hope she wins! But although the hairstyle is very cool and creative, I think it doesn't really work with the dress. I'm thinking more of a polished look, simple and chic like the dress :D ! Oh, btw, the designer is called Amanda Uprichard and you can find it at Shopbop ! Curious with what I have worn it with? Well, check out my ootd video trailer, photos and the What I wore part below. Also, don't mind the dress's frizziness - it's silk, so you can figure it out lol

What I wore:
- Amanda Uprichard silk dress 
- Asos sandals ( find similar ones here)
- Mango bag ( I like these ones better)

Thank you so much for visiting, guys!
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  1. So chic and classy! pretty dress on you!

  2. Nice outfit!!!

  3. love the dress!
    have a nice day


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