I ain't no hollaback girl

Hey guys,
Sunday is here and I know most of you are sad that the weekend has passed... but remember: summer is just around the corner ! Just think about the beautiful weather and sunny days...day after day :D...
Anyway, I have a super cool look for y'all today that I know you'll absolutely LOVE ! I'm wearing my Lookbook Deep-V Back Sweater which is so awesome and easy to style, mixed with my old skirt-pants from Zara and of course my cool L.A.M.B. shoes mixed with Tabbisocks crew socks.
Result? Well, this cool look ( sorry again for the bruises 😱, seems that I'm not getting rid of them anytime soon):

What I wore:
- Zara skirt-pants
- Thrift store bag
- L.A.M.B. shoes 
- Tabbisocks crew socks 

Really really hope you like the look, guys!!! 
I'll be back tomorrow with a new awesome look - PROMISE ! -


  1. very nice!


  2. I love your whole white look! pretty!


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