Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hi guys,
What a beautiful sunny day and how I love it when you have such diversity when you go out for a drink at a terrace. I use to think that Brussels is like a meeting city for all nationalities and all sorts of people. Well, sometimes it's not that nice because of all the nasty folks always trying to destroy the good of the country. But I don't want to talk about scum people; I want to talk about the good ones, the awesome ones who come from different parts of the world that you get to meet when going out :). It's so nice and refreshing seing such nice people socialise and getting along together. For a moment you forget about all the racism and bad of the world.
So, on a more fashionable note, I'm here today to bring you the usual outfit, this time on a chic start wearing my beautiful dress from SheIn with which I'm currently obsessed. I had a pair of sandals that matched it super nicely and I think my look is surely a winner :D
The usual OOTD trailer (please subscribe for daily posts):

What I wore:
- SheIn dress ( find it here)
- Zara sandals ( find similar here)
- Poppy Lovers bag 

Thank you so much for visiting, guys! 
I hope you like the look and if you want to see a new one, do come back tomorrow :D - you won't be disappointed ^^


  1. this dress is so beautiful
    nice video
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  2. Nice look!
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  3. This is so gorgeous! I really love the cut out details!

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I hope you will visit again my blog :)

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