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All white

Hey guys,
I hope you had an amazing weekend ! I was actually more at home, working, but it was ok. I "sinned" buying myself a pair of Valentinos, so I thought I should lay low for some time :).
Anyway, I'm still continuing my usual ootd show here! So I'm super excited to bring you today's awesome look where I'm wearing this beautiful white romper from Zaful and, in premiere, a new brand will be discovered by you, well, actually it's an online store at Amazon, but still, very happy to show off my new gorgeous pearl necklace from VIKI LYNN that's so chic and elegant! And you know what? Because you're my fave readers, I have a discount code to shop at their boutique - just use LOK3YTVE when checking out and you'll have 10% off their entire collection ! 
So, without further ado, here's my cute video from YouTube ( don't forget to subs btw) and of course, these lovely pics:

What I wore:
- Zara bag
- Guess sunglasses

Really hope you like the look, guys! Shamefully I can't remember where I have the sandals from, but I could recommend a few white sandals here. :)
Thank you for your time and the appreciation I always get from you all <3
See ya tomorrow!




  1. Those shoes are incredible.


  2. You look so so stunning! Those sunglasses are gorgeous and I LOVE the shoes.

  3. sensational styling and beautiful high-heeled shoes. Share your outfit on my blog. Greetings and welcome to me


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