Ruffled pink

Hi guys,
I arrived safe and sound at my hotel room in the Netherlands and I'm taking advantage of a little free time to bring you another lovely outfit post ! :)
Now this outfit I wore a couple of days ago in Brussels, while running some errands across town. Normally I choose to wear something casual, flats-on kinda outfit, but I wanted to take advantage of the lovely weather and try out my beautiful Marie& Frisco dress that is so cute and feminine. Really love the sleeves and of course, I've paired it with my Minna Parikka shoes that I have for quite awhile now and that I didn't had the chance to wear them until now. My lovely bag comes from VerySimple, but you already know that one :).

What I wore:

Thank you so much for checking out the blog ! 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend xo


  1. chic pink dress

  2. You are cute with this pink dress. And this "ponpon" on your shoes: which a brilliant idea


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