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I am human

Hi guys, Today will be a full day so I'm sorry if I cannot answer all your messages and mails for now, but I promise that I will soon ! :) Of course that I couldn't miss the opportunity to bring you a new post for today, a new beautiful look that I just know you'll adore. The outfit is pretty simple to create with the right "ingredients". I really love how the two points of color remain within the shoes and bag. My Kipling bag is pretty awesome if you ask me; it can be combined in different ways, more casual or sporty, true, but this time I wanted to present something new, something more interesting and eye-catching, a different style from what you are normally used to.

What I wore: - H&M sweater  - Zaful dress - Gambettes tights - Zara shoes - Kipling Arto exclusive shoulder across body bag  - So-Phi hair sticks
So, what do you think about the look? Btw, the Kipling Arto bag is an online exclusive piece so you better hurry if you're planning to buy one :). O…

The big SALE

Hi guys, I'm absolutely thrilled to let you know that there's a big big sale going on at Shopbop !  It's huge and it's amazing :) I already passed my order and as I know well Shopbop, they won't let me wait too much 😇 it will make me feel better with all this sickness and everything - my ray of sun for the month Plus, the more you spend, the more you save! 

Into the rain

Hello sweeties, My recovery is going quite good now, I feel one step closer to complete health. I will be going away from Brussels for a few days just to clear my mind, but not to worry, now I'm back on track with my posts and cannot wait to show you more fashionable outfit each day :). Other than that, I'm back today as well with a casual look. You have to know that my sour face is due to this shitty weather we're currently having; not good photo wised if you know what I mean.

What I wore: - Gatta basic top - Zaful cardigan - Guess pants - Rebecca Minkoff flats - Six clutch - So-Phi hair stick 
So, what do you think about this cute look? I think the hair stick adds a bit of an asian touch :) I wish my hair would be thicker so it can hold it more. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with a new OOTD post so stay tuned ^^
Kisses, R.


Hi guys, Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I actually went from bad to worse and now have a "lovely" pink eye. That, the fact that I lost my voice, the coughing and having a running nose is "an excellent" way to start a new week; a week full of important meetings and projects to do, I simply don't know how I'll face them all. Meanwhile I have a new outfit post for you all, even though my day isn't that bright and happy as I'm showing it here.

What I wore: - Schutz studded booties - SammyDress long grey dress - Guess by Marciano fake fur coat - Six clutch

So, what do you think about this simple outfit ?
Hope you like it :)
Kisses, R.

The day after

Hi guys, I would like to start by thanking you for all the birthday wishes and know that I wish you also the best and that you succeed in whatever you start. Career wise, I think I have it all figured out and I know how important that is cause many people don't seem to find their calling, so I'ù very grateful for that and of course, to have the support of my family and friends. Health wise, I still feel like 💩.  I started coughing and my throat feels like spines had grown there. I hope I'll feel better for the days to come cause I have super important meetings and I must be at my very best !  Anyway, as usual, I'm back with a new outfit post :)

What I wore: - Zaful sweater - River Island skirt - Gambettes tights - Puma x Fenty x Rihanna laced up boots - Six clutch 
Hope you'll enjoy your weekend xo
Kisses, R.

Not feeling it

Hello sweeties, I just got a horrible cold that I lost my voice...😓😣😣 and tomorrow is my birthday..bof I'm not feeling so good.. But anyway, I'm back with a new outfit post; this one is more light, in the way that it's not that super stylish, but more daring...

What I wore: -RoseGal poncho - Jeffrey Campbell boots - Marc Jacobs bag
An interesting trick to have longer legs :) - over the knee boots and a long sweater/poncho. You'll have to excuse my sour face, but it started raining when I wanted to do these pics :(
Kisses, R.

The Influence

Hello sweeties, Hope you are all having a fab time and that your week is going well. I have a really stylish outfit to share with you today, so I'm super excited cause I know you'll totally love it :) I admit that the whole outfit is Gucci inspired, hence the Gucci belt hahaha :)

What I wore: - Scrappy Koko Store sweater - Asos jeans - Zara booties - W.E. jacket - Gucci belt - Zaful bag - Zaful sunglasses - Sterkowski cap

So this is the outfit for today. If you need need, I will be with my bff who came to visit me for my bday on Friday ^^
Kisses, R.