Thursday, March 23, 2017

A bible of mermaid pictures

Hello sweeties,
As you can tell from my post's title, I'm a big fan of Sofia Karlberg. Her voice is just so goddess like ! It has also inspired me to create this look today ! I'm super crushing over this dress, it's simply amazing ! 
I bet this is a look you'll def fall for ^^

What I wore:
- Asos shoes

Really hope you like the look, sweeties !
Let me know your thoughts below xoxo



  1. Wow! What a nice costume you had wear and Even your costume color was awesome.Get Best Offers With Lulus Coupon

  2. Hey, Ruxandra! We do love your outfits and posts! Let's share your expertise with the world WHILE promoting your blog at the same time on our Fashion Q&A at ? :)

  3. You right, the front of this dress is just simple but rear a little bit strange, but in positive meaning ;) Anyway You look great.

  4. Great! Latest design of outfit that she had wear in


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