Saturday, March 11, 2017

Happy pug

Hi guys,
I just watched the season finale of The Vampire Diaries and indeed, after 8 years, it has been one hell of a's so sad to see basically a part of your life ending. I must admit that I've been watching for 7 years but still, I'm so sadddd!! Time flies by so fast ...
We just have to stay focused on the things that make us happy cause life is more, forgive and forget all the bad things.
I have a new outfit post for you today that I bet you'll love ! 

What I wore:
- Leather Skin leather jacket

So, is this a Spring-ready outfit or what? :)
Really hope you like it !! 



  1. Jacket is so perfect :))

  2. Funny enough, I never got past season one of Vampire Diaries, I might just pick up watching the show from where I left it. You look great girl, love the pinks. x

    / ORR - Life & Style Journal

  3. Nice set, especially t-shirt:)

  4. Love the outfit! x


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