Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chronicles of a sunny day

Hey sweeties,
It may be late, but before going to bed, I just had to share with you these super cute pics I did today ! It's been a really sunny afternoon and as I really love sunbathing, I thought I'd turn it to a photoshoot as well?
Ever since Zaful made it possible to mix and match bikini tops with bottoms, I feel I have to buy everything lol. I'm an XS (S for Zaful) in top and S (actually M in Zaful sizing ) in bottom. So I put these two pieces together, trowed in a knit overall for summer and there you have it, a great look that I'll be def wearing on my trip this December too.

What I wear:

Really hope you had a cool day as well ! I'm really enjoying these last summer days.. aren't you?



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