Monday, August 21, 2017

The Body Shop -

Hi guys,
As I have some free time on my hands this afternoon, I thought I'd introduce you to some very cool make-up products. These new babies from The Body Shop are cruelty free and they are made without any chemicals so they will not ruin your skin.

I think you should keep an eye out on my Instastories this week as I'll be testing out each and every one of these products. I would like to do a video as well? What do you think?

- These are the two foundations I got, in a light shade and in a dark one so that I can mixed them up to find the right color for my face.

- This is a product I'm super eager to test out; setting sprays are like my fave thing to use at the end of a make-up session :) - the cool refreshing effect - ugh - priceless !! 

- This baby right here is not only a mattering base for your foundation, but it's also great for your lips !

- And there you have it, my fave product of them all - the highlighter 💓 - someone once said " highlighter is LIFE" - and yes it is. I already tried it, guilty as charged! A few drops of it and you'll have a really nice glow on your cheekbones.

- This face brush is on my "try on" list. It already looks good and seem to be holding the right amount of product. But we will def see and I advise you to check my Instastories to see what kind of look I'll be creating :)

Really hope you like my quick review ! 

See you guys soon xo


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